TanjuMy name is Tanju Ozel and I am the owner of FluentBlue. I combine my management consultancy, ICT, energy distribution and production experience to create solutions for complex questions and translate the solutions into sustainable and tangible results.

I am a true believer in synergy.

That believe is manifested in the way I treat people, the perspectives I use to look at problems and the energy I get and give when I solve them. Another manifestation of synergy, is the way I work with my partners. We all know what our competencies are and act upon them accordingly.

I also strongly believe in social entrepreneurship. What that means for me is that I always try to balance my personal goals and gains with what I give to society or an organisation.

If you want to know more about my past experience and competencies, please have a look at my LinkedIn profile or send an email to info@fluentblue.net.