Are the resources in the world really scarce? We believe that’s not true. For example drinking water: 75% of the world consists of water. How is it possible that drinking water is still ‘scarce’ despite the fact that technology for converting salt water to drinkable water is already there? The simple fact is that we are born and raised with the idea of balancing supply and demand in a monetary economy and all its regulation.

A new economy will rise in the future. An economy where access to primal needs like water, energy, heat, mobility and healthcare is available for anybody against acceptable costs and a high level of comfort.

Business cases are no longer only financially driven but also non-financially (eg. employment, CO2 reduction). On top, business cases are not only point-to-point but with respect to a multi actor playing field. Especially the role of citizens or customers in those multi actor field are very important since they know best what their ambitions are.

Simply put….goodbye scarcity…make room for abundance!